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Engaging Business Courses & Events facilitated by Professional Instructors. Our on-demand catalogue contains everything from Leadership Training, Sales, and Coaching all the way to health and well-being in the workplace. Book today!

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Our courses & Events are devised to stimulate, inspire and challenge your people & teams to develop the skills required to achieve their goals. By combining our world-class design & virtual learning facilitation expertise, blended with digital learning solutions, we enable lasting changes that lead to big impacts across your business.

Click any of the orange filters to view the Courses and events available to either book now or register your interest. If you would like to book a large group on any of our Courses and Events please contact us directly.


Leadership & Management Courses


Age of the Coach Series

4 x 180 Min Sessions over 4 Days

From £550.00

This virtual modular programme develops the coaching skills of managers and leaders. This programme is delivered virtually over zoom, 4 x 180 Minute Sessions over 4 Days.

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Building Great Teams

1 Day

From £995.00

This is suitable for anyone managing teams or looking to manage teams in the future. Using the participants own experiences we will look at what drives team effectiveness and the traits of High Performing Teams.

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Capacity Planning, Forecasting & Budgets

2 x 180 mins

From £450.00

Understanding how to plan for capacity, be able to forecast and manage budgets is a critical skill in today’s leadership and management environment. This programme will not only support your understanding but will also help you to practically put the learning into practice.

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Contract and Performance Management

4 x 180 minutes

From £850.00

This training focuses on performance management as a continuous process that drives development. It helps bring consistency in applying performance management within the business. The course will help managers recognise their role and contribution to effectively manage performance and conduct at work.

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Developing Personal Resilience as a Leader

2 x 180mins

From £450.00

Resilience is the ability to take the challenges and changes of life in your stride and say yes to the opportunities that excite you.

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Gold Time & Productivity Management

2 x 180 mins

From £450.00

This programme is aimed at helping participants to manage their time more effectively and to be more productive with the time available to them.

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Supporting the Wellbeing of Your Colleagues

2 x 180 mins

From £450.00

Well-being isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it should be a core part of your employee strategy.

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Professional Management Programme

15 Modules

From £1,450.00

Professional Management is crucial to your company’s success. In fact, managers can have the single largest impact on your organisation’s productivity and overall profitability, with more influence over employee morale and performance than anyone else.

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Leadership Professional - Essentials Programme

5 Half-day Modules

From £2,250.00

Five half-day Leadership modules with mini work placed projects to bring the learning into action in the workplace.

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The Magic of Mentoring

3 days - 8 Modules

From £1,995.00

In this course you will understand what mentoring is about, understand your roles in the process. Gain self-insight into your own interpersonal style and way of relating to others that may affect mentoring interactions.

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Sales & Customer Service Courses


Professional Sales Programme

3.5 Days

From £995.00

Our suite of modules are based around helping the customer to buy and enabling salespeople to maximise their conversations with their customers.

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Sales Management

4 x 3 Hour Sessions

From £995.00

A sales manager's role has more to do with the ability to lead, mentor, and motivate a sales team to achieve or exceed an organisation's sales goals. This programme concentrates on these skills and behaviours enhancing their existing skills to new levels through the sales management process.

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Sales, Engaging Your Customers

2 Days

From £650.00

A virtual sales training programme aimed at enhancing the skills of the salesperson to have engaging customer conversations which open opportunities and close more business.

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Customer Service

2 x 3 Hour Sessions

From £450.00

Ensuring that you provide the level of service that your customers want to be delivered through your people. This programme develops the skills and behaviours that enhance the experience that your customers receive.

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Negotiation Skills

3 Day

From £995.00

Learn the art of negotiation, when, why, stages and styles. Building relationships through negotiation, learning about states of mind. How to prepare before beginning any negotiation process. Learn about the balance of power and how to identify and work with it. Influencing and the psychology of persuasion.

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Equity Diversity and Inclusion Courses


Let's Talk About Race (EDI)

3 x 180mins

From £995.00

Build confidence & capability and engage in meaningful dialogue about race.

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Unconscious Bias Workshop

2 x 180mins

From £470.00

This interactive programme will use the topic of equity, diversity, and inclusion to illustrate the problem of unconscious bias and the practical solutions to overcome it. The programme will provide the opportunity for self-reflection, open discussion, and training on some of the softer skills to maximise objectivity in the workplace.

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Communication Courses


Confident Career Conversations - CV Writing & Interview Skills

2 x 180 mins

From £295.00

This course is for anyone wishing to understand their strengths and development areas and those who are seeking assistance to progress their careers and convey their abilities confidently.

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Handling Difficult Conversations

2 x 180mins

From £495.00

This session is for anyone who is faced with a difficult situation at work which would benefit from having a positive and mutually beneficial resolution.

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High Impact Media Communication Programme

3 Days

From £1,500.00

Develop confidence & capability in delivering to the camera & conducting interviews. Develop your own personal brand & impact on camera whether in person ‘live’, pre-recorded or online.

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