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Ken Blanchard Management Essentials

A Ken Blanchard Programme

Accelerate your managers’ success with a transformative management training programme – MPI is a Partner Provider of the Ken Blanchard Management Essentials Programme.

Most new managers struggle, and the cost of that is significant: high turnover, low morale, subpar productivity, and more. It’s because most don’t receive the essential management skills training to succeed. That’s why we created Blanchard Management Essentials®: a transformational leadership training program for new managers and those who need to sharpen the essential skills needed to build positive relationships with team members, inspire engagement, and drive productivity.

MPI Learning can supply Ken Blanchard Management Essentials Training in-house, face to face or virtually in the UK subject to contractual obligations. Contact us today for more information.

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Advantages of training your new managers

Blanchard Management Essentials turns struggling managers into inspiring leaders. It does this by teaching managers how to communicate effectively, set goals, be empathetic, and give feedback. And when managers know how to do this, your organization takes flight.

Ken blanchard Management Essentials

Three benefits of using the Management Essentials approach

Create Success Fast

Put your managers on the fast track to success by teaching powerful management fundamentals.

Power your teams

Skilled managers know how to support, motivate, and empower their team members so they can achieve the extraordinary.

Develop Future Leaders

Managers learn effective leadership techniques that make for successful careers.

A programme for emerging leaders

Blanchard Management Essentials builds on the key concepts of the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager®. Ideal for new manager training or as a refresher for veterans, it gives your people the necessary tools and training to become leaders who achieve the exceptional. The program covers the essence of management skills training: the right mindset, core conversations, and communication skills needed to build positive relationships and make everyone more productive.

Four core conversations

The Four Core Conversations model provides a highly effective framework for understanding the important conversations needed to manage people and performance.

the situational leadership model

Communication Eessentials

With our Communication Essentials, managers learn how to have purposeful conversations that create positive, productive relationships.

Listen to Learn

Set aside distractions and concentrate on understanding all that is being expressed.

Inquire for Insight

Ask questions that draw out insights and ideas from the other person.

Tell Your Truth

Share information that is needed to help move the person forward.

Express Confidence

Build self-assurance and enthusiasm.

Results for Management
Essentials Clients

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First-time managers so rarely receive the guidance and training they need to be effective. We often assume that management or leadership skills are something people are born with. They’re not. These are teachable skills.

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