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MPI Learning Products

We have a range of Learning and Development products ready for rapid deployment at scale.

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Professional Sales Programme

Our suite of modules are based around helping the customer to buy and enabling sales people to maximise on their conversations with their customers.

Professional Management Programme

Professional Management is crucial to your company’s success. In fact, managers can have the single largest impact on your organisation’s productivity and overall profitability

IT Sales & Distribution Courses

IT Sales and IT Distribution is a highly competitive world, we have designed a range of courses to help you and your business gain an edge.

Talent Liberation

Talent Liberation looks to build competitive advantage through maximising existing talent, building agility , increasing engagement and developing capability.

Let's Talk About Race - EDI

Discussing EDI in the workplace can be a sensitive matter, through race talks you can ignite individuals and groups to co-create inclusive work environments where everyone can perform and do their best work effectively without bending themselves out of shape to fit in.

Psychometric Assessment Tools

MPI offers a range of psychometric assessment tools including DISC, MBTI, HOGAN, SDI, Lumina Spark and INSIGHTS etc. We believe that, in order to transform your business, you first need to understand yourself to understand others.

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