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Data Protection Support in the UAE

Are you and your business ready for Data Protection changes in 2022?

MPI Learning & Hansal International provide Data Protection Support in the UAE.

On 27 November 2021, the UAE joined Saudi Arabia to become the next country in the MENA Region to publish the UAE Personal Data Protection Law, Federal Law 45 of 2021 on Personal Data Protection (PPD ”Law”). The development signifies a landmark in the evolution of the UAE’s regulatory framework and lays the foundation for the modernization of the economy and digitization of the country’s growth sectors.

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When is the deadline?

The Emirates Data Office (the ”Data Office“) will act as the new data regulator and will be established by virtue of Federal Law 44 of 2021. Amongst other responsibilities, the Data Office will be responsible for enforcing the Law and for issuing supporting legislation and guidance.

The Law will come into force in Dubai on 2 January 2022 with its Executive Regulations, which will expand on key topics, to be published within six months of the Law entering into effect.

data protection support in the uae

How long do I have to take action and get things in order?

Controllers and processors will have six months from the date the Executive Regulations are issued to achieve compliance with the Law (expected to be November 2022), although the Data Office has the ability to extend this period if necessary. Whilst 10 months may seem a relatively long period of time, implementation of new processes will take much longer than anticipated and companies should start preparations now if they wish to comply by the due date.

How MPI Learning & Hansal International can help you achieve compliance in Data Protection Law.


We match the right people to key roles at senior level and through contracting/interim hires

Leadership Transformation

We work with senior leaders to define new goals, acheive more, be the best they can

Individual and Team Learning

We offer a range of solutions to train and learn new topics in memorable and interactive ways

Business Transformation

We identify the strategic issues and accelerate change, to deliver impactful results

Why use us?

We have an experienced team with deep expertise in Data Protection and we operate globally

We use our data protection project framework to build full gap assessments plus we build a Project Roadmap tailored specifically to your company, country and global reach

Hansel International are ISO certified 9001 accredited, offering Practitioner and DPO training so that your company can upskill internally to fully understand the differences to each new country regulation

We can support you on your journey to become a fully compliant global organisation

We are already supporting many other GDPR programmes across the world

Global Data Protection in 4 key steps

Step 1

DPIA to assess risks, tailored specifically to the country they are operating in and the Data Protection Laws that apply

Step 2

Embedding the necessary strategic, tactical and operational measures either in house or with help

Step 3

Educating and train your people to understand how Data Protection Law applies globally

Step 4

Embed new behaviours and approach to customer behaviour

This Framework has been proven to provide clients with a clear view of data protection gaps in their organisations, enabling appropriate prioritisation of remediation activities.

The Data protection Support we provide in the UAE

Data Protection Training

  1. Introduction to Data Protection in the MENA Region
  2. Federal Law 45 Basics
  3. New Data Protection Terminology
  4. Essential Data Protection Obligations
  5. EU GDPR Scope v Federal Law 45
  6. Data Protection Principles
  7. Rights of the Data Subjects
  8. Controller and Processor
  9. Data Protection Officer
  10. International Data Transfers
  11. Supervisory Authorities
  12. Remedies, liabilities and penalties

13. Opening clauses and derogations
14. Major changes in detail
15. Privacy by design
16. Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation (PECR)
17. Federal Law 45 v GDPR
18. Demonstrating compliance
19. Planning for compliance
20. Risk Management
21. Setting up a programme

Data Protection Officer Training

  1. Mandatory appointment
  2. Who can undertake the role of DPO?
  3. Organisational involvement of the DPO
  4. Primary responsibilities of the DPO
  5. Organisational support of the DPO
  6. Independence of the DPO
  7. DPO conflict of interest
  8. DPO Characteristics

Advanced DPO Topics

  1. Then advanced DPO Topics:
  2. New role in organisations
  3. Role, obligations and position
  4. Relationship with management board
  5. Relationship with information technology
  6. Relationship with software / product development
  7. Relationship with human resources
  8. Obligation to maintain records
  9. Staff training and awareness
  10. Tasks of the DPO and Soft Skills required


Consultancy Support

  • Highly experienced GDPR specialists who are full trained and have worked on GDPR programs across the world that have already been implemented
  • These consultants all have 5-10 years project and program management experience
  • This will ensure your company will hit the ground running and achieve compliance as soon as possible
  • Versus the cost of non compliance, consultancy costs are cheap in comparison

Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service

  • A full ‘Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service’ solution that manages your GDPR obligations
  • Taking a risk based approach in creating, directing and embedding your data protection strategy
  • Overseeing an appropriate governance framework to monitor your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related local legislation/regulations
  • Overseeing the data protection activities to agreed levels of customer service, adhering to local law and legislation and your company’s strategic aims relating specifically to data protection

Data Protection Clients

commercial bank
SCA client
nationwide client
ahlibank client
ADNOC client
Bank of Ireland client
One Savings Bank client
FAB client

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