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Personal Performance Programme

What makes UpAGear’s Personal Performance Programme & Development approach so different?

UpAGear’s Personal Performance programme is a year-long Personal Development Plan, over 12 monthly workshops you will be guided by a dedicated Executive Coach to achieve your professional and personal goals. The process is underpinned by our online KRA and Goal Tracking Software uOnline. 

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What makes UpAGear’s Personal Development approach so different?

It’s the year long process, it takes time, and true commitment. Our dedicated coach will work with you to help achieve your goals and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Reasons to move UpAGear

Successful people set goals.

This process will help you better understand yourself. e.g. why you are successful and why you are not.

What do you want from life?

Lifestyle, Relationship, Money, Travel, Material things, or simply to feel good about yourself.

What stops you from getting what you want from life?

We can help you understand why you may sabotage yourself, and design a process to stop that from happening. 

A model for success

Our UpAGear personal programme is designed to incorporate and engage you in using a classic planning model, which is illustrated here.

Many of us are really enthusiastic about planning because of its motivational and inspirational effect on us. We enjoy thinking about our futures in a positive way. Creating a vision of a better you is a good thing to do.

However most of us tend to start things, then don’t really track or assess progress and subsequently don’t always finish them. Especially if they involve difficult tasks or tough regimes. New Years resolutions are our most common example.

UpAGear personal programme includes the use and application of this model which will incorporate the tracking of key activities. By doing and tracking the key activities, progress is achieved ‘bit by bit’, leading to breakthroughs and success for you. If you do what you set out to do and follow the process, the result is the enjoyable achievement of your planned life changing goals.

uOnline Web App

Fully responsive, works with all your devices. Providing you have access to the internet, your plan goes where you go.

uOnline is UpAGears critically important Web Application, it carries your personal UpAGear. It is fully responsive across all devices, it is easily accessed providing you have an internet connection. It enables you to design your Key Result Areas, Goals, Quarterly Milestones and Monthly Actions. These are designed and entered interactively during monthly coaching sessions, expertly facilitated by your dedicated UAG Coach.

It carries the data from each months performance review which is then converted into the powerfully visual dashboards located on the U-Online home page. The Dashboards have been designed specifically to give you easy access to at a glance information on your Key Result Areas and the goals within them. This enables the team to take quick action to correct performance discrepancies and improve results.

In addition, the important Best Advice statements and New Belief can be scored each month which in turn is displayed through the dashboard showing you overall progress for the year. This brings the new behavioural framework to prosperous fruition throughout the year long transformational process.

Keep your communication in one place rather than spread out over various platforms or email chains. You are also able to share key documents relating to KRA’s, these are stored securely for the duration of the plan.

uonline fully responsive webapp

Results for UpAGear Clients

quote mark left UpAGear - Personal Performance Programme

UpAGear’s facilitated year on year programme has given me the structure to formulate, develop and communicate our long term aspirations whilst delivering on the important in the short term. It has enabled me to empower others to achieve goals that matter in a way that enhance capability. The process has been a resounding success.

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