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Situational Conversations™

Situational Conversations™ equips leaders with the ability to drive behaviour change by applying Situational Leadership® skills to conversations with the people they lead. By employing a whole-person approach to conversations, your leaders will understand the many factors that impact performance.

Making these conversations an everyday practice will create an environment of transparency and trust that fosters honest, open performance conversations.

Conversations are a daily part of the human experience and play a critical role in the workplace. They can be spontaneous or planned, informative or enlightening, encouraging or challenging. No matter the intent, topic or parties involved, conversations all have one thing in common—they are situational!

Seventy per cent of employees avoid difficult conversations at work.

Sixty-nine percent of managers say that they’re often uncomfortable communicating with employees.

Ninety-one percent of employees feel their managers lack effective communication skills.

Situational Conversations™ teaches leaders a framework for navigating workplace conversations by engaging in effective, day-to-day performance conversations that prevent issues from escalating.

Learning Outcomes:

Situational Conversations teaches leaders to apply the Situational Conversations Framework to drive success and engagement through a whole-person approach to leadership.

  • Drive performance and engagement by leveraging a whole-person approach in performance conversations
  • Enable greater alignment by engaging in conversations that create same-page status around performance expectations
  • Nurture relationships by building trust, mutual respect and establishing shared goals around the work
  • Enhance connection through meaningful conversations that empower team members to perform their best
  • Improve long-term development through increased retention by making employees feel seen, valued and appreciated

Learning Features:

  • Engaging: Integrates activities with daily work and makes an immediate impact
  • Collaborative Learning: Enables learners to share insights, feedback and encouragement with each other (Cohort Collaboration)
  • Sustainment and Practice: Provides tools for application on-the-job
  • Streamlined Certification Process: Equips trainers to deliver the course across all modalities with one certification process
  • Highly Relevant: Supports retention, reflection, practice, application and feedback
  • Facilitator Feedback: Supports learners with expert advice and insights

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