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MPI Learning Strategic Partnerships

MPI Learning is proud to partner with these international businesses.

The Centre For Leadership Studies

The Centre For Leadership Studies

The Center for Leadership Studies


MPI Learning are a global partner of The Center for Leadership Studies and provider of Situational Leadership®.

About the CLS: For more than 50 years, The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) has been at the forefront of leadership training and organizational development. CLS is the global home of the original Situational Leadership® Model — the most successful and widely adopted leadership training model available.

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Abilitie Ai & Simulation Learning Partner



Abilitie are MPI Learning’s Strategic Ai & Simulation Learning partner.

Business simulations are the foundation for what we do at Abilitie. These dynamic online competitions create a real-world environment for learners to practice their skills while learning from their mistakes and successes. Check out our most popular simulation, Management Challenge, now featuring AI-enabled conversations.

Learn more about Abilitie here

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Edgepoint Learning Digital Learning Partner

Edgepoint Learning


Edgepoint are MPI Learning’s Strategic Digital Learning partner in the USA.

EdgePoint specializes in creating killer Digital Learning experiences for learners. Learning programs don’t just meet a list of basic learning objectives. Experts examine every point of contact between employees and their learning opportunities. They ensure there’s value at every interaction, with rich, contextual, and engaging information for them to access on-demand and in the flow of work.

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governance risk and compliance courses

European Institute of Management & Finance

European Institute of Management & Finance

European Union

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is a leading provider of premium courses, professional and executive education, eLearning and tailored learning solutions with a strong emphasis on the financial and professional services sector.

Their programmes cover a wide range of topics including finance, regulatory and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, continuous professional development (CPD), Forex, technical analysis, risk management, financial modelling, investment banking, corporate governance, accounting, capital markets, business management, marketing, human resources (HR), taxation, social media for the financial services sector, communications, and interpersonal skills, to list a few.

Learn more about EIMF here

governance risk and compliance courses

Governance Risk and Compliance

London Governance and Compliance Academy

United Kingdom

MPI Learning is proud to partner with the LGCA – The London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) is a multi-accredited, UK-based executive education training and certification provider that focuses on the areas of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for organisations operating in the financial and professional services sectors.

LGCA is part of the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) Group, one of Europe’s leading institutions for certified and executive education, professional qualifications, eLearning, and bespoke training solutions for companies in these industries. MPI Learning provides LGCA with consultancy support in soft skill and business training areas.

governance risk and compliance courses

Management Consulting Partner


MIddle East & East Africa

Vijay Management Consulting (VMC) was started in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “Vijay” means “Victory” in ancient culture and we understand how important it is to achieve desired results ethically, thus we add the winning touch to your business. We open access to a reliable global network with a focus on agility and resourcefulness. We provide our services in multiple international financial hubs, worldwide.

Currently leveraging innovative technologies, VMC is able to deliver within stringent timelines, helping clients all over the world to de-risk business transactions and achieve stellar results. Working with leading professionals, investment houses and corporates, our clients remember us most for being flexible and providing customized products.

Vinsys logo

IT Development Services & E-Learning


UAE, India, Qatar & Kuwait

Vinsys are renowned for conducting corporate training and open house workshops in Information Technology, IT Service Management, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure Library, Project Management, Behavioral and Management Solutions; and Foreign Languages for enterprises and governments worldwide. Vinsys, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Learn more about Vinsys here

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