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Race Talks – Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Learning Lounge – Webinar

Race Talks – Candid Conversations – Equity Diversity and Inclusion Programme – Dr. Angela Armstrong

Build confidence & capability through engaging in meaningful dialogue about race.

Igniting individuals and groups to co-create inclusive work environments where everyone can perform and do their best work effectively without bending themselves out of shape to fit in.

What is Race Talks & how is Race Talks Different?

Race talks focuses us on what matters most, the impact of our collective efforts to accomplish your organisational goals. Race Talks brings substantial and sustainable effectiveness to personal leadership and team development. The Race Talks program is a transparent way of seeing, being and working that helps individuals, teams, and organizations go beyond themselves.

“Those that identify and address Mindset at the outset of the transformation process, have a +400% greater probability to succeed in change” Source: Mckinsey Quarterly

Race Talks focuses on what drives and informs our behaviors, our mindset. Many personal development solutions attempt to improve results by helping people to change behaviors. Focusing on behaviors alone is insufficient.

What Participants get out of the programme.

Experience how to create and leverage powerful, positive, and lasting impact, empowering your professional and personal relationships:

  • Understand and experience the underlying unconscious mindset and the implications on your interactions, relationships, and organizational health
  • Be the role model for an inclusive mindset & behaviours.
  • Learn to honestly assess, the extent to which you or others are working with a conscious (or unconscious) mindset
  • Positively influence yourself and your teams to be more engaged and productive
  • Learn to work or interact with ease and authenticity, in times of ambiguity and uncertainty, in a way that is more collaborative, inclusive, fulfilling, and ultimately effective

Presented by Dr. Angela Armstrong and Jerry Brown


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